Following this evening’s announcement that the whole of England (as well as the rest of the Nation) is to go into a tighter set of restrictions we will not be able to meet for either Concord AllStars or Blue Street Brass rehearsals for the time being.

Clearly things are difficult and despite us all wanting some sort of normality this is not possible. We may be closed for some weeks.
Most of you kids will not be able to go to school/collage/university at the moment either . I know this is going to be hard for both kids and parents but if the vaccination programme works out we may see some improvement by March.

In the mean time AllStars please be considerate to your folks (it is hard for parents as well), try to keep up with school work and stay cheerful. Practice your instrument/flag/rifle and keep in touch with earch other and the instructors. If you need anything let us know.

We will continue to post stuff on Facebook (I know not all the kids are old enough and that some don’t make much use of it but perhaps parents can let them know ?). We will send out Blue News via mail chimp and post it on the concordyouthmusic facebook. I and all the rest of the volunteer instructors are just a message of ‘phone call away if you want to speak about anything.

I will post the Saturday video as usual which I hope you will want to see.
As HM Queen said “We will meet again” but until then remember Concord’s motto:
It’s Blue or Poo