There are sadly many more members of the Concord family that have left us. They will always be in our thoughts.

Jonathan "Jonno" Smith

Jonathan “Jonno” Smith was a former director of Mirfield Drum & Bugle Corps and later a regular and valued visual instructor with Concord Drum & Bugle Corps in Sheffield. We lost Jonno on 30th January 2003 after a short battle with cancer at the unbelievably young age of 39. Those who knew him will never forget his constant good humour, his loyalty and dedication to the activity that he loved and to the youngsters that he taught. There are few remaining in Concord that knew Jonno personally - but every single one of our members, staff and supporters, past and present, know of him. His photograph hangs in a prominent position in our headquartes and all new members are told of his service and the loss that we all still feel today.

Steve 'Tubby' Jordan

Passed March 2013
Steve "Tubby" Jordan was a fantastic and popular member of Concord in the late 80's and early 90's.

Michael Brisset

Passed March 1988
Michael was an extremely popular member of the early Concord years, setting standards for others to follow. News of Michaels passing arrived during rehearsal on Sunday 27th March 1988.

Mike Wilks

Known to many as the voice of DCUK as he announced, not only at Concord sponsored shows, but also at many other events. A keen supporter of Concord, Mike annually produced a photographic record of the corps throughout the early years which means we have a pictorial record of all our members from those golden years.

Dot Mappin

When Doraine came across from the Air Training Corps she brought her grandmother with her. Dot had been a keen supporter of the 367 Squadron band and easily moved her loyalties to Concord. She rarely missed a performance and was at most rehearsals, staffing the all-important “Tuck Shop” facility at breaks and weekend camps. There was no messing with Dot and she very capably handled all that our members could throw at her - earning her the nickname of “Scary Dot”. An avid reader and a valued backroom supporters sewing many uniforms and flags, Dot remained active with us until well into her 90th year.

Reg Crisp

Having been President of Sheffield Corps of Drums and Vulcan Corps it was simply natural that he should continue that role with Concord. Every Thursday evening, “Mr Crisp” would attend rehearsal and run the fundraising tote. He was much loved and respected by corps Members. Along with his wife Rose he would always be at contests and events and never failed to express his great pleasure at the dedication and performance of the young people in his corps. His influence Concord was very evident at his funeral in 1989 when dozens of past and present members of the Concord family attended to say fairwell to their friend “Mr Crisp”.

Gregory Edwards

Concord Legend simple as that insanely talented true entertainer on and off the field

Pete Boot

Passed 2022
An always popular member of our fantastic support staff. Father to two concord stalwarts - Louise and Charlotte.

Ken Lake

Former Chairman of Concord Supporters Association