Saturday morning sessions are going well with AllStars developing their skills and learning music and movement. Most weeks we have one or two children visit to see if they want to join us. We are still offering 4 free weeks to new starters. if you know any children/young people who might be interested bring them along. 

We have undertaken some information stalls at Childrens University awards nights and a  couple of introductory sessions planned at Brownie packs. See concordyouthmusic  facebook for details of what we can offer. Recruiting goes on year round and we are always happy to welcome new children

In the next few weeks there are several bank/public holidays which almost inevitably some families will be away those weekends . If you are not please make every effort to attend and try not to miss those weekends which are not holidays either . We will run sessions as usual except on 6th May when the King is to be crowned. My best guess is most people will want to watch it on TV as it will be memorable, given the last coronation was in 1953 !!!! ( My family story is that as a 13 moth old baby wearing a blue romper suit, I was playing in front of the fire at my Uncle’s  house ,where we had gone to watch their new television, when a fall of soot covered me and changed my pink complexion).